Platinum Partner Program

Platinum Partner Program has been designed to Partner with other IT Service Providers and Only a selected few customer. This program - Platinum Partner Program allows it partner to expand the product and service offering to maximise the solutions offered. A direct result of partnering is direct growth in opportunities and revenue.

The customer surely appreciate all the IT Services and IT Support being looked after a trust Solutions Provider. This includes the ability to partner for a larger purchasing power as well. We have access to a group of suppliers that are able to resource each supplier with a cost effective competetive correct solutions.

You will have the ability to manager your own customers and clients being the point of contact in recommending and supplying the various solutions.

The Internet Cloud has assisted us in providing this partnership with a competitive edge. You will be able to reduce the risk of your customer not taking advantage of the opportunity.

For informatin please contact us via enquiry form or contact us page.